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 Item Creation

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Tommy Brightspark

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PostSubject: Item Creation   Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:48 pm

Okay boys and girls, since almost half the demons and witches have magical items, so shall we.


1. No overly powerfull items that have no weakness. Its not only unfair, it's also bull malarky.

2. No having more items then your charcter may have. The ranking on the items will be listed below.

3. Have fun and be origanl.

4. NO INSTANT HITS! end of stroy. If it is, it will be automaticly disapproved.

5. Items gained through Missions/School FROM EITHER AN ADMIN OR TOMMY{Tommy=Demons only} do NOT count aginst your custom items.

Less then 25 posts: no item

25+ posts: One weak item

50-75 posts: You can either upgrade your item{In another post} or opt for a new item{stronger, but you lose the old one}

100-200 posts: you can have an aditonal low level item.

201-400 posts: can upgrade your second low level item.

more will be added as we go but for now this is how it stands.


Item Name:

Item type: {Ring, dagger, belt, etc...}



How you Obtained the Item:

RP sample with the Item: {At least One GOOD paragraph}
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Chris Halliwell

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PostSubject: Re: Item Creation   Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:34 am

{Posting for Tommy}

Item Name: Ring of Damnation

Item type: Ring

Description: It is a solid ring of black dimond. A single piece of dimond made especialy for Tommy. It glows with a dark Aura as long as he is in his demon form, but can not be seen while he is human.

Power/ability: The power to summon demons. Any time, Any place.

The power to distort mortal's memories.

The power to temporary grant Demons a human form.

How you Obtained the Item: Tommy was given this item the moment he sat on Cole's throne. A secret compartment opened, and Tommy's demon form was drawn to the power of the black dimond. He has never taken it off since.

RP sample with the Item: Stanton knew that his other half would wake up soon. It was a power strugle between them now. Tommy didn't want Stanton to kill the Charmed ones, and Stanton, couldn't let Tommy be found out. He lifted his left hand, the Ring of Damnation glinting with untold evil. It flased three times, and standing there were three Lazars Demons. Stanton's gold and black face beemed with dark mirth, and as suddenly as the demons were there, Stanton was gone.

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PostSubject: Re: Item Creation   Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:50 am

As you are the true source I will grant this, but be wary no summoning uber battalions of demons!

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PostSubject: Re: Item Creation   

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Item Creation
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