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 Chris Perry Halliwell

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Chris Halliwell
Chris Halliwell

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PostSubject: Chris Perry Halliwell   Sat May 09, 2009 1:30 am

Name: Chris Perry Halliwell

Age: 17

Mother(step): Piper Halliwell
Father(step): Leo Wyatt-Halliwell
Brothers(step): Wyatt Halliwell
Sisters(step): Milinda Halliwell
Other Relatives: Aunts: Pheobe Halliwell and Paige Matthews

Race: Witchlighter

Power(s): Aside from the basic powers of a magical witch, such as spellcasting and scrying, Chris has displayed the gifts of:

* Orbing
* Sensing
* Telekinetic Orbing
* Telekinesis
* Telepathic connection with charges
* Enhanced power from being born from a Charmed one.

Appearance: about 6'1", slender but toned, brown hair, brown/green eyes, normaly wears a button down and a pair of jeans with a pair of sunglasses.

Brief Character History: Chris returned to the past to save his brother from becoming evil, in doing so he changed the entire time line. Now he and Wyatt hunt demons together when they aren't at School or training there Wiccan powers.

Example Role play: Chris walked into the Manor expecting to find his mom in the kitchen. "Mom?!" He called out. "Are you home?!" No answer from any one. The Manor to my self? He craked a grin as he orbed up to the Attic and picked up the Book of Shadows. He propped it up aginst his knees and used his Telekinesis to flip through the pages studying up on a Demon he had encountered on his way home. He had to tell Wyatt. His brother hated it when he kept this kinda thing to himself. As he found the Demon the marked the page with a blue silk strip. The color code was to tell Wyatt and the rest of the family who was looking at the Demon.

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Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Perry Halliwell   Sat May 09, 2009 1:35 am

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Chris Perry Halliwell
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