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 Thomas Brightspark

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Tommy Brightspark
Tommy Brightspark

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PostSubject: Thomas Brightspark   Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:07 am

Name: Thomas Alexander Brightspark

Age: 17

Mother(step):Pheobe Halliwell/Margret Brightspark
Father(step): Cole Turner/Tourk Brightspark
Brothers(step): None claimed
Sisters(step): none claimed
Other Relatives: Aunts: None Claimed

Race: Demonish

Power(s): Aside from the basic powers of a magical witch, such as spellcasting and scrying, Tommy has displayed the gifts of:

* Cole's powers
* Charmed Empathy
* Levitation
* True Pyrokinesis
* The ability to wield Caliburn
* Enhanced power from being born from a Charmed one.

Appearance: Tommy even though was origanly the son of Cole Turner and Pheobe Halliwell, looks like a pure blooded Native American. The reason for this is due to the Magic that kept him alive even after the Seer was killed. He stands five foot eleven, and is built into a musculer body due to extensive Martial Arts trainig.

Brief Character History: Tommy Brightspark was origanly the son of Pheobe and Cole, but due to his magical transferance to the Seer and then her untimely death, his soul and powers were transfered to another family, one that there child was supposed to be a still born. Seventeen years later Tommy returned to the past to ensure that his power will be more then his troublesome Cousin's. Tommy dosent know exactly who his family is, but he is out to destroy them. However, due to a mishape with his spell to go back in time, he altered his own memories, and those of his family. He dosen't remember that he came through the time stream or that He was born a few years ago. He dosen't even know that the Charmed ones are his family. As far as he knows he is just a powerfull witch.

Example Role play: Chris walked into the Manor expecting to find his mom in the kitchen. "Mom?!" He called out. "Are you home?!" No answer from any one. The Manor to my self? He craked a grin as he orbed up to the Attic and picked up the Book of Shadows. He propped it up aginst his knees and used his Telekinesis to flip through the pages studying up on a Demon he had encountered on his way home. He had to tell Wyatt. His brother hated it when he kept this kinda thing to himself. As he found the Demon the marked the page with a blue silk strip. The color code was to tell Wyatt and the rest of the family who was looking at the Demon.
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Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews

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PostSubject: Re: Thomas Brightspark   Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:10 am


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Thomas Brightspark
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