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 Canon Character List

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Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews

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PostSubject: Canon Character List   Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:35 pm

Piper Halliwell Piper was born the middle child but after the death of Prue, she was the oldest and the "head" of the Charmed Ones. Her powers include the ability to freeze objects, and blow up objects at will (molecular combustion). She is concerned with having a normal life, and always has reservations about her life as a Charmed One. She has three Children with her husband Leo Wyatt, named Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell. TAKEN

Phoebe Halliwell Phoebe was born as the youngest child of this current Halliwell line but at the death of their sister Prue and the discovery of their half sister...witchlighter Paige Matthews. She has been married three times, Cole Turner, Dex Lawson and finally Coop. Once marrying Coop, the couple have three children, all girls. TAKEN

Paige Matthews is the fourth child of Patricia Halliwell. She is also the daughter of Patrica's whitelighter Sam Wilder. She married Henry Mitchel and had a son and twin daughters. Her son's name is Henry Jr. TAKEN

Christopher Halliwell Chris is the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt born on November 16, 2004 . Chris is their second son, younger brother of Wyatt Halliwell and the older brother of Melinda Halliwell. He is the third known "Whitelighter hybrid" with Paige being the first. He is the middle child of Piper and Leo's children the youngest being Melinda Halliwell. He and his brother Wyatt do come back in time as needed when evil threatens the future. TAKEN

Wyatt HalliwellWyatt Matthew Halliwell was born on February 16th, 2003, the day of the Wiccan Festival of Lights, or Imbolc, as part of an ancient prophecy telling about the birth of a special, 'twice-blessed child' on the day when three planets would align, during a Wiccan sabbat, during the Aurora Borealis where all magic everywhere would cease to exist for one day. He is the oldest of Piper and Leo's Children coming back in time on occasion with Chris. TAKEN

Melinda Halliwell Prudence Melinda Halliwell is the only daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. She will only inherit her powers from her mother's side of the family as her father is mortal at the time of her conception. She is named after her aunt Prudence Halliwell and ancestor Melinda Warren. She also has begun to return in time with her Witchlighter brothers while she is only a witch since Leo was Mortal at the time she was conceived.

Penny HalliwellPenny Halliwell was born June 23, 1931 in a hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts during a breach birth. Her parents were Gordon Johnson and P. Baxter (the past lives of Dan Gordon and Piper Halliwell). Her maiden name is Johnson. She was a witch and a descendant of Melinda Warren. She was born with the power of telekinesis (which she passed on to her granddaughters Prue and Paige, and great-grandchildren Wyatt and Chris). She returns on several occasions as a ghost as well on several occasions with a corporeal form. So she is a ghost.

Henry Matthews-Mitchel Jr.Son of Paige and Henry. He is the oldest of their children along with Paige's twin girls Penny and Patty. Named for their grandmother and great grandmother. He also comes back in time with his cousin's.

Penelope Matthews-MitchelOldest of the twin girls of Paige and Henry. She like her brother and sister are a witchlighter. Has returned back in time with her brother and cousins.

Patrica Matthews-MitchelYoungest of the twin girls and the baby of Paige's children. Named for her Grandmother that left Paige on a church step when she was a baby she also inherited the witchlighter powers.

Paityn Halliwell Phoebe's oldest daughter that she calls Ladybug.She is only a few years younger than Chris and it is guessed that she is the same age as Henry Jr. She also has returned back in time. TAKEN

Pandora Halliwell Phoebe's middle daughter. She carries the same powers that her mother did while also her and her sisters being half cupid. It is a mystery if they have any of their father's powers. TAKEN

Pamela Halliwell Youngest of Phoebe's daughters she acutally doesn't like her name but likes how her mother stuck to the p names.

Coop Coop is a cupid but also Phoebe's husband. Their romance was supposed to be forbidden however the elders sent him to her giving them permission to be together.

Leo WyattLeo was born May 6, 1924 in San Francisco, California, the son of Christopher Wyatt, and grew up in Burlingame, California. Leo became a whitelighter for his good deeds. Eventually he became an elder and then a avatar and then an elder again gaining his mortality back. He is Piper's husband. TAKEN

Henry MitchellPaige's husband (married in 2006), and a parole officer. He knows she's a witch and has no problem with that. He and Paige first met in "Battle of the Hexes", where Henry was parole officer to Paige's new charge. While at first they didn't really like each other, their relationship grew over time. They had twin girls and a son named Henry Mitchell Jr.

BarbasBarbas is a powerful upperlevel demon the sisters first tangle with in the shows first season on Friday the 13th.
Barabas is an unusually resilient and diabolically entertaining foe to the sisters, showing up unexpectedly from time to time to ambush them with chess-game-like situations where he's cheated using projective mental telepathic manipulation backed by a strong ability to see into a persons heart (Empathetic sensing) and mind (thought reading) where he accurately reads their greatest fears. With his projective telepathy, he then guides them into trains of logical thought based on their fears getting them to act seemingly in their own best interests and their volition—most often to aid some convoluted scheme to further his own causes.


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Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Character List   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:45 pm

Patty Halliwell Patty is the mother of the Charmed ones and was killed shortly after Paige was born. She makes appearances on occasion in a corporeal form as well as her spirit form. She is a ghost.

Cole TurnerCole Turner was born on January 19, 1885 to Benjamin Coleridge Turner, a human member of the California State Assembly, and a demon mother named Elizabeth. Benjamin was murdered in 1888 by Elizabeth, who then took Cole from Earth and raised him in a demon dimension. Cole's demonic side grew up despising his human side for its "weakness", and he became a powerful demon with a reputation as a killer under the name Belthazor. He also for some time was the Source and constantly returns from the dead still wanting Phoebe back.

Darryl MorrisAlthough Darryl is not a part of the Halliwell clan, he is like family to the girls. Darryl is a detective and is the reason the girls don't get arrested in the many times where they come close. No doubt about it, Morris looks after the Charmed Ones, he knows their secret and so does his wife throughout six seasons, while also appearing in the first. He is always sacrificing the strict interpretation of his job requirements to pull the strings helping them out against forensic evidence and circumstantial linkages.

Sheila MorrisSheila is the wife of Inspector Darryl Morris. Darryl told her about the Halliwells being witches and she was able to cope with and understand it, which rather shocked the Halliwell sisters, she regarded them as family. She became frustrated when he spent so much time covering for them, and demanded that he stop after his life was put in danger when doing it. Darryl was the only friend of the Charmed ones who was in the series from the beginning almost to the end. His relationship with the girls was "family", and it started back in the generation of his father and Grams. His father was showcased in the episode when the sisters went back in time and met their grandmother during her flowerchild period. Other than Leo he had the longest run other than the sisters in the series.

Agent MurphyA federal agent from homeland security much like Agent Brody and Keyes, Murphy watches the three "cousins" and eventually Bille in early season eight episodes. In "Rewitched" he approaches Billie after observing her using magic saving good-samaritans being stalked by an upper level demon using an mercenary Imp-master demon to prey upon San Francisco innocents. He later confronts Piper and makes it plain he believes Homeland Security needs the sisters to go on doing whatever they had done against the supernatural occurrences now plaguing the west coast. Consequently at the end of the same episode, the sisters reveal to him that they faked their deaths and arranged for him to cover up their secret for them, explain away their faked "cover" identities in exchange for the occasional supernatural favor for the government.
After the sisters discovered a government strategy using demons to create super-soldiers, which nearly wiped out the magical community, the sisters and Agent Murphy decided to stop working together.

Elder OdinA very powerful and uncompromising Whitelighter Elder. He was one of the Elders who put Leo on his test to choose between being an Elder and not having Piper or being with Piper and being stripped of all power, but unfairly guided him to becoming an Elder on the way.

Elise RothmanPhoebe's boss and editor-in-chief at the Bay Mirror, Elise is generally credited as a credited guest star but also appears frequently in a supporting guest role (Credited only at the end of the show), depending upon how central her role is to the plot in the given story arch.

Billie JenkinsBillie is Paige's charge in her blossoming career as a new whitelighter. Billie is revealed as an impetuous college-girl charge as the eighth season begins. Magic has come to her quickly aiding her skill in martial arts already teamed with a great athletic ability. Billie has the power of telekinesis and towards the end of the series also develops the power of projection (which is " The ability to turn people or other objects into whatever comes to mind without a spell or a potion." As Phoebe put it.) Her skill acrobatically and in the martial arts lead her to over-confidence in her abilities as a novice witch, having enjoyed early successes as a vigilante crusader defeating several minor demons.

Christy JenkinsChristy is the tragic older sister of the Charmed Ones' Protégé Billie Jenkins who was kidnapped by evil demons when she was seven and Billie was but five years old. Christy's abduction was engineered because the Scabber demons needed the power of two sisters according to a demonic prophecy to have some chance of opposing the Charmed Ones.

Dex LawsonA artist who apparently has an interest in Phoebe in the beginning of the 8th season, after finding out that she was dead. Phoebe surprisingly has a premonition that they are going to get married. After an overnight trip with him, they get married, but only under the influence of a spell. She has no other choice but to tell him the truth: that she is a witch. She predicted that he was going to be her child's father and later on takes a pregnancy test believing she is pregnant. Her second test proved it was false. With that, she told Dex to annull the marriage and to take things slower.

Glen BellandGlen was introduced in season four as Paige's best friend since kindergarten, and they have dated on and off since high school. Glen and Paige never had a very serious romantic relationship because of his ongoing travels around the world; however, Paige trusts him implicitly with her life and is willing to share the Halliwell's secret and the existence of magic and evil with him.

Kyle BrodyKyle Brody (but only after the Charmed Ones come to trust him) becomes a love interest of Paige Matthews in season seven who among others (possibly the first) heralded the coming of the The Avatars.Brody was killed while taking out the Avatar Beta, only to return as a whitelighter to bid farewell to his beloved Paige.

Victor BennettBorn - 16 January 1949.
Relationship - Father of Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell; No relation to Paige Matthews; Grandfather of Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell and Phoebe's daughters.
Marital Status - Married twice, first: Patricia "Patty" Halliwell, second: Doris (in 2003).
Powers - None (mortal).The father of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. He divorced the Charmed Ones' mother, Patricia Halliwell, when the girls were young, after finding out that Patricia had an affair with their white lighter, Sam. Victor wasn't present for much of the girls' lives; his eldest daughter Prue resented him for most of her life. He began building a relationship with his daughters after they rediscovered their powers in their twenties.

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Canon Character List
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