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Chris Halliwell
Chris Halliwell

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PostSubject: Darklighters   Mon May 18, 2009 12:31 am

Darklighters are the antithesis of the Whitelighters. On this site a Darklighter has the same charge relationship with dark witches and warlocks as Whitelighters have with there witches. To protect them and help lead them down there path. {An admin will assign All Darklighters and White lighters with a charge.}


Darklighters can teleport from place to place by orbing, as Whitelighters can, but their orb effects are black in color. Their ability is called black orbing. They also come equipped with crossbows, which they can summon into their hands at any time. The Darklighter crossbow arrows are coated with a special type of poison that is especially lethal to Whitelighters. Some Darklighters also possess the touch of death, a power triggered by hate and focused through their hands that allows the user to burn someone to death - in contrast to a Whitelighter's ability to heal others.[1] Similar to Whitelighters, Darklighters also possess the ability to sense another magical being's presence through a magical form of telepathy. Hence they can locate a Whitelighter anywhere on the globe by merely concentrating.


# One type of Darklighter spreads evil through procreation, by seducing innocent mortal women and tricking them into bearing their progeny. It's against the rules to tell these women about who they truly are, so it is presumed that the women are abandoned once a child is produced.[1] See: Incubus

# Another type of Darklighter mentioned on the show is known as the 'Spirit Killer', a special type of Darklighters that drives future Whitelighters to suicide, automatically disqualifying the person from becoming a Whitelighter. They curse these Whitelighters-to-be with bad luck, following the victim around, invisible to everyone, including the victim. As the bad luck escalates and drives all thoughts of happiness from the victim's mind, the Darklighter is there every step of the way, whispering hopeless thoughts into the victim's ears. Once the victim is thoroughly depressed beyond recovery, the Darklighter changes his whispered words to encourage them to commit suicide.[6]

# A third type of Darklighter is called a Tracker. A Tracker is a Darklighter that goes after Whitelighters who are about to lose their wings. Their orbing is more of a spiral than the particle of other Darklighters, and they are considered to be much more powerful than a regular Darklighter. They are rogue Darklighters who often only answer to themselves. They distinguish themselves from other types of Darklighters by wearing tribal tattoos on their face. Only one Tracker Darklighter, Ronan, has been shown, who the then god-like Cole imbued with additional powers in order to destroy the Charmed One Paige.

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