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 Demonic Powers

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Chris Halliwell
Chris Halliwell

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PostSubject: Demonic Powers   Tue May 12, 2009 2:09 am

Demons are subjected into three classes, Lesser Demons, Demons, And Grater Demons or High Level Demons. Lesser Demons are the bottom of the food chain in demonic society, there powers are limited. Mid level Demons have some of the powers of Lesser Demons and there own set to choose from. Grater Demons have powers of both and there own to choose from.

Lesser Demons:
Lesser Demons might not have the powers of greater demons but they are a lot more active. Trying to make a name for themselves, they constantly try to subdue the witches of the world so they can steal there powers or other such evil plots.

Shimmering{the ability to move through the dimensions to get to other locations quickly},

super strength,

sensing{The ability to sense ones target},

minor shape shifting {can look like a normal human},

super speed,

fire balls,

persuasive personality{can get humans to do things that they normally wouldn't do}

Demons are higher on the power scale then there subordinates, they are normally stronger and harder to kill. But with the right spell or potion they can be vanquished relatively easily.

Demons have one or two Lesser Demon powers as well as one or two of there own.

Energy balls{stronger then fire balls},

Adjustment{after a few times of the same power being used on them they can start to have a reduced affect from it.}

Improved shape shifting, {Can become non-animate objects or an exact replica of some one they have seen.}

Shadow morphing, {Can use a shadow to carry messages and do every day tasks for you.CAN NOT used to fight!}

Minor invisibility, {Can become invisible while not in a fight. If engaged you become visible instantly.}

Grater Demons:
The highest known class of demons other than The Source. They have powers beyond those of the other two classes in addition to them. Greater Demons can even have some Wiccan powers as well. {PM an admin for an application sheet for a G.D. with Wiccan powers to be approved.}

Shadow Control, {the ability to use shadows in battle, must have shadow morphing as well.}

Elemental Shape shifting, {the ability to become an element for a brief period of time. I.E. Jakx was able to become the north wind.}

Adapt, {After having a Power used on you like molecular stasis a few times you become immune to it.}

Plasma Balls, {the most powerful form of the fire ball}

Electricity, {The ability to shoot lightning from your hand}

Faustian Contracts, {Can make contracts that entail giving great power or success to a human for a set amount of time then having there souls in return when payment it due}

There will be more powers posted so check back often

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Demonic Powers
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