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 The Charmed One's History

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Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews

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PostSubject: The Charmed One's History   Sun May 10, 2009 6:53 pm

It all began in 1692, when Melinda Warren was burned at the stake. Before she died she claimed that there would be three sisters, and that these three sisters would be the most powerful witches that the world has ever known. They were destined to become, "The Charmed Ones"!

Many generations later, the three sisters are born Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. When they were young, they knew that they had powers, but Grams cast a spell to make them forget that they ever had powers, for their own safety. Many things happened from then on. Their father left when they were young, and their mother, Patty, had a forbidden relationship with her whitelighter Sam. However, Patty was killed whilst battling a powerful water demon, and the the sisters Grams died after falling down the stairs, following a heart attack.

Six months after the death of their grandmother, Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s lives would never be the same again. They were to discover that they are "The Charmed Ones". This is their story:

After the death her Grandmother, Phoebe Halliwell moved to New York in search of her father Victor, who left the family when Phoebe was only young. Phoebe studied at a college in New York, but soon dropped out, went broke and couldn’t pay the rent for her apartment, so she moved back into The Manor with her two older sisters, Prue and Piper. Prue, the responsible and driven oldest, is constantly annoyed by Phoebes return to San Fransisco, and her free-spirited personality. Piper, the nice, creative, earthy sister tries to keep the peace between her two opposite sisters.

The weirdness begins one night when the sisters are playing with an old spirit-board that keeps directing them to the attic. Phoebe finally decides to go up and have a look. In the attic, she discovers an ancient book of witchcraft called The Book of Shadows. It describes three witches who will be the strongest in a long line of good witches. It says that if the three women get together during a full moon and recite a certain incantation, they will each receive a supernatural power. The Halliwell sisters slowly realise that it’s them that the book is referring to, so, with a full moon above them, they recite the spell. They become The Charmed Ones, and each is given a power. Prue has telekinesis (the power to move things with her mind), Piper gets temporal stasis (the power to freeze time), and Phoebe receives clairvoyance (she has visions of the past and future). Together they have the Power of Three. The Book of Shadows also mentions that good witches are a target for evil, such as demons and warlocks, who take on the form of everyday people. Phoebe is usually the easiest to target because of her somewhat gullible nature.

After three years of being a witch, the eldest sister Prue was killed by a ferocious demon named Shax, whilst trying to save an innocent. Piper and Phoebe were distraught, but they soon discovered that they had another sister, Paige. Paige was the child of Patty, and her whitelighter Sam, but they had to give her up because relationships between witches and whitelighters were forbidden. However, after Paige found her sisters, she received her powers, the power to orb, and the power of telekinetic orbing, the ability to move things with her mind, although in a different way than Prue could.

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Paityn Halliwell

Paityn Halliwell

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PostSubject: Re: The Charmed One's History   Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:41 am

It all started with Charlotte Warren, Melinda Warren's mother. Charlotte was kidnapped by an evil witch named Ruth Cobb in Virginia in 1670. Cole Turner helped her with her plan. Her plan was to keep Charlotte's baby, and turn her evil. They hoped to promote black magic, and hopefully make the Charmed Ones evil. In 2000, on All Hallow's Eve (Halloween), the Charmed Ones were sent back to the past to prevent this from happening, and any tampering that would've been done to the future.
Melinda Warren was born on October 31, 1670. She had the powers of the Charmed Ones. Or rather, the Charmed Ones have her powers. Melinda was betrayed by her lover, Matthew Tate. He was a warlock, and he stole her powers. Once he had done that, he turned her over to the witch hunters. She trapped him in a locket, and retrieved her powers. (In 1998, the Charmed Ones summoned Melinda to help them trap Matthew a second time. She told the Halliwells that they had all the family traits: short tempers, great cheekbones, strong wills, and powers.) She didn't save herself with magic, though. She did this to keep her daughter, Prudence Warren safe so she could continue the Warren line. Prudence got married, and continued the Warren line.
Melinda Warren was burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Before she died, she vowed that each generation of Warren witches would get stronger, evolving into three sisters, who would become the Charmed Ones, and they would be the most powerful witches that the world has ever known.
The Halliwell Manor had to be rebuilt after the original house was destroyed in 1906 during the San Francisco earthquake. The Charmed Ones' great-grandparents moved into the house, knowing the land was a spiritual nexus in the eternal battle between good and evil, to keep the site on the side of good.
In the 1920's, threee cousins ran a speakeasy in Halliwell Manor. Their names were P. Bowen (reincarnated to Prue Halliwell), P. Baxter (reincarnated to Piper Halliwell), and P. Russell (reincarnated to Phoebe Halliwell). P. Bowen and Prue Halliwell were both professional photographers. P. Baxter had a relationship with Leo Wyatt's past self (the Charmed One's Whitelighter and Pipe Halliwell's current husband), and she married Dan Gordon's (who was the Halliwells' neighbor) past self, who was a piano player (his name was Gordon Johnson back then). P. Russell had the power to throw fire, and she fell in love with a warlock named Anton, and turned evil. He gave her an amulet to protect her from her cousins' magic. They knew Anton was planning to steal their powers, and was using P. Russell to do it, and he gave her the amulet. The cousins took the amulet off of P. Russell, and they cursed her so she and Anton could never get together in any lifetime. P. Bowen and P. Baxter killed P. Russell on Feburary 17, 1924.

Halliwell Family History: Grandparent and Parents
P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson had a child named Penelope (Penny) Johnson. Penelope had the power to move things with her mind. She married many times, but kept the last name of her first husband, Halliwell. She cursed her ring as to remind herself not to get married again. She had a daughter named Patricia (Patty) Halliwell in 1950. Penelope wanted her daughter to keep the Halliwell last name when she married Victor Bennet.
Patricia never told Victor that she was a witch, until way after they were married, and their three daughters, Prudence (Prue), Piper, and Phoebe were born. Victor was shocked at this news, and Patricia and Victor were seperated. After their seperation, Patty started seeing her Whitelighter, Samuel Wilder. Victor thought that Samuel was the cause of his failed marriage, even though Patty and Sam didn't start seeing each other until after their seperation, and he loathed all Whitelighters. Eventually he left the family, after having many arguments with Penny (Grams) about how his daughters should be raised.
Grams bound her granddaughters' powers from the warlock Nicholas, so he couldn't kill them. Patty gave Nicholas immunity to the Power of Three to remove any immediate danger to her daughters in 1975 (when she was pregnant with Phoebe). She had no idea that she would die, and then Grams would die in 1997, and the girls would recieve their powers, and Nicholas would come back for them.
Patty had a fourth daughter with Sam on August 22, 1977. Nobody knew about this except for Grams, Patty, and Sam. Since their child was born to a forbidden couple, Sam and Patty orbed to a local church, and dropped her off there. They left her with Sister Agnes, and left two requests. They asked Sister Agnes to name the baby girl with a P, and that she doesn't tell anyone about this, until the girl comes back to ask about her parents.
On Feburary 28, 1978, Patty tried to vanquish the Water Demon of the Lake at Camp Skylark. She was prepared to electrocute the demon, but Sam came, and he tried to stop her. She turned around to freeze him, and as she did so, the Water Demon seized this opportunity of this distraction, and she drowned, and died. The last words Prue said to her mom before she died was "I love you," and for that, she was never able to say it to anyone else, for fear that they would be lost too. Sam was completely devasted at this loss. He gave up his Whitelighter wings to become human, and he stayed at Camp Skylark to protect Patty's daughters, who he knew would one day come, and after doing so, he became a Whitelighter again.
Grams was hospitalized in 1997, which made Piper and Prue give up their North Beach apartments to move back into Halliwell Manor with her and Phoebe. A Siamese cat hung around the house a lot. The Halliwells chose to keep the cat, and name her Kit (like Kit Cat, you know, Kit Kat, the chocolate bar; it was a little play of words). She was their familiar (an animal form of a witch's attendant spirit), although the girls didn't realize that until later on.
Since Grams' illness had no affect on the girls, to bring them closer together, she decided she had to make a potion to strip them of their powers-forever. She had a heart attack, and fell down the stairs, with the potion in her hands, before she could use it. Phoebe moved out of the Manor and into New York after this, and Piper and Prue stayed right where they were.
Halliwell Family History: The Charmed Ones Are Born
Phoebe returned to Halliwell Manor a couple of months after Grams' death-in October, more specifically. She was using the Spirit Board, and it spelled out the word ATTIC. Phoebe goes to the attic to investigate. The door magically swings open. She goes inside, and finds the Book of Shadows in a trunk, where Grams hid it. She opens it to the first page, and recites the spell to give the girls their powers. Prue can now move things with her mind (telekinesis), Piper can freeze time, and Phoebe can see into the future (have premonitions).
The first battle the three sisters-now known as the Charmed Ones- faced was Piper's boyfriend at the time, Jeremy Burns, who was a warlock. She never knew he was a warlock until he attacked her and her sisters. Since Jeremy was after their powers, the Charmed Ones had to use the Power of Three to vanquish him.
Piper wants to open a club, after she quits her job at the restaraunt, Quake. Prue and Phoebe get a mortgage for Piper's club. She makes them her co-owners too. She names the club after them, P3. In Feburary 2000, Prue quits her job at Bucklands Auction House, and becomes a photographer for the fashion magazine, 415. Phoebe goes back to college to get a degree.
Leo Wyatt is just a handyman to the Halliwells. Phoebe was the first one to discover that he was a Whitelighter, and her older sisters found out sometime later. Leo and Piper fall in love, but then they have to break up because witches and Whitelighters aren't allowed to be together. Piper and Leo knew their love was true so they tried to marry secretly with a Handfasting Ceremony in October of 2000. The Elders mananged to find out about this, however, and, as a result, they take Leo away from Piper. After a while, the couple finally has permission to marry, and Grams' spirit doesthe matrimony during the ceremony on Feburary 22, 2001. However, Prue's astral self leaves with a biker guy and ruins Piper's wedding. Piper takes this as a sign that she and Leo are not meant to be, so she cancels the wedding. In the end, she realizes that she should be with Leo no matter if she thinks the signs are telling her not to be, and at last, Piper and Leo got married.
Piper wasn't the only Charmed One that had an unforbidden love. Although Phoebe was not aware that her love was forbidden at the time, she soon found out about it. Who is this man that captured Phoebe's heart? Why, none other than Cole Turner of course. Phoebe meets Cole during a court case in 2000. He was a lawyer on Earth, but really, he was a demon. He was known as Belthazor and was sent by the Triad to kill the Charmed Ones. Unfortunately for the Triad, and fortunately for the Charmed Ones, Cole fell in love with Phoebe and he was unable to do his job. He couldn't kill or even hurt Phoebe, therefore, he couldn't do anything to her sisters either.
When Prue died in the middle of May in 2001, Piper became devastated. The Source of All Evil's assain, Shax, managed to kill Prue. The Charmed Ones were the Charmed Ones no longer. Or so everyone thought.
Enter Paige Matthews. She was an assistant social worker at South Bay Social Services. She was doing her job as usual when a newspaper opened to the obiturary page crosses her path (this could be due to the To Find A Lost Witch spell Piper casted hoping it would bring Prue back). She felt a connection to Prue, and decided that she would go to the funeral. At the funeral, Paige meets Phoebe, who tells Piper about her.
Paige discovers that she has the power to orb and telekinesis. Piper and Phoebe find out that she is actually their half-sister. So, Paige was able to reconstitute the Power of Three. Paige had a rough time accepting this, but soon realized it was her duty to protect Innocents.
Phoebe and Piper's powers are also able to advance. Phoebe can now levitate as well as get premonitions. Piper can blow things up as well as being able to freeze time.
Halliwell Family History: The Junior-Sophmore-Senior Years
Phoebe is also finally able to finish college and earn a degree in psychology. She tries to find a job, but it is hard for her since she needs flexible hours. After all, you never know when a demon might attack and your sisters need you home. She finally became an advice columnist for the Bay Mirror newspaper.
Cole and Phoebe decide to tie the knot as well, Phoebe truly believing Cole had turned from evil to good. Little did she know that on March 14, 2002, they were married by a Dark Priest. On April 25, 2002, Phoebe crossed over to the dark side, and she was pregnant with the Cole's baby. Their baby ends up dying from its own power and the Charmed Ones vanquished Cole once and for all on May 2, 2002.
In November of 2002, Paige receives her first Whitelighter charge, who turns out to be her birth father, Samuel Wilder. The two had a very rocky relationship but managed to overcome it a few years later in the fall of 2005.
On Feburary 16, 2003, Piper and Leo have their first child, Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (whose namesake is Leo's last name, Paige's last name, and Piper and Phoebe's last name). His Wiccaning (where he is welcomed into the family) was done on May 4, 2003 by Grams.
Not too long after, Leo became an Elder (the older, wiser, Whitelighters) and Leo and Piper were forced to separate. They eventually returned together in 2005 and had a second son, Chris Perry.
In the fall of 2004, Paige took over Magic School, but retired from that job to become a full-time Whitelighter and Leo resumed her job once he came back.
In the spring of 2005, the Charmed Ones and Leo "died" at the Manor in an explosion. They took on the identities of their "cousins," Jenny (Piper), Julie (Phoebe), and Jo (Paige) Bennent. When Piper has a misunfortunate event with her alias, Jenny, she becomes, Jamie, who is married to Louis (Leo). The sisters couldn't deny their calling as witches and decided to enlist the help of Billie Jenkins to fight the demons for them.
Soon, the Charmed Ones came out of hiding, and with the help of Homeland Security, were the Halliwells again. Billie looks for her long lost sister, Christy, and soon finds her. Piper tries to save Leo from death, and he was frozen, as an alternative.
Leo was able to be back for good when the Charmed Ones won the Ultimate Battle against Billie and Christy. Christy was evil and managed to turn Billie the same way, but when Christy died in battle, Billie turned good again and became the Babysitter for Phoebe's children.

Halliwell Family History: The End
In the end, Phoebe Halliwell and Coop (Cupid) get married and have three daughters, and Billie Jenkins is their babysitter. Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell marries and have twin girls and a boy. Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt have a daughter, Melinda, and by 2050, they have nine grandchildren.
Phoebe: "So much has happened over the past eight years, so much has been gained and lost. . . . In some ways I felt like my life was just beginning . . . and it was. For, though I had loved before, I'd never really known love until I met Coop. . . . A man with whom I shared the special little girl I had long ago foreseen but thought I might never have, along with two other special little girls I had not foreseen, who all taught me much about life, not the least of which was . . . forgiveness. And all along, I kept trying to help people, thought not just with advice . . . but with love, thanks to Coop . . ."
Paige: "-Phoebe has become somewhat of an expert on the subject . . . As for me, life without demons opened up similar avenues. Henry continued to help people, of course-even if they didn't necessarily want to be helped-while still helping me with the twins and Junior . . . which allowed me the time to finally embrace my inner Whitelighter and help the next generation of witches come into their own . . ."
Piper: "-so that Paige could pass on all that she'd learned, not just to her own children or to mine or to Phoebe's, but to tall the future witches and Whitelighters-to-be . . . which was important because there was a gap between when we were doing the fighting and when our kids would take over. . . . Allowing me time to go back to my roots and cook something other than potions for once . . . and then sell P3 and open the restaurant I'd always dream of having . . . As for Leo, after we reclaimed Magic School, he went back to teaching . . . which he continued to do until it was time to retire. And though we certainly had our struggles and heartaches over the years, there's no question in my mind that our lives have absolutely been Charmed."
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The Charmed One's History
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